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City Little Creek, Garfield Township, Palatka, Arapahoe
Age 30
Height 179
Weight 49
Hair Dyed brown
Eyes Green
Status online
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Everybody is talking just about him. Jimin is my future boyfieeee,Aww. Hell Yasssss!!!!!!! I got Suga on my first try and he is my bias. I got RM and he is my bias! Your BTS boyfriend is Jungkook!

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Quiz introduction which core aesthetic do you remind me of?

Does he love u quiz

Gives you a friendly hug, but he does that with all his friends. Oove you his coat and gives you a bear hug to warm you up. Generate le, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website. When you look over at your crush: You catch him looking at you too and he gives you a big smile.

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Hell Yasssss!!!!!!! Your crush: Is off doing qiz own thing and isn't paying attention to you. Keeps an eye on your the whole time and looks annoyed. When you're talking to your crush, he: Leaves a lot of space in between you and has his body pointed away from you. Looks over at you and then pretends he didn't notice and walks away.

Another girl starts flirting with your crush, he: Watches you to gauge your reaction.

Probably Yoongi is my Bias bcs I am a bit like him. Walks right past you. Sending you an invite on FaceBook.

Start teasing him, smirking and punching him in Dkes arm. You're hanging out at a bonfire and it starts to get cold as the sun goes down.

Does he love u quiz

You're at a party and another guy starts flirting with you. Last Tweets. You start shivering and your crush: Says you should stand a little closer to the fire to warm up. His friends: Don't know who you are.

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Your crush is having a party this weekend, he invites you by: Mentioning it to your whole group of friends. Jin, treat u as a princess? I got Suga on my first try and he is my bias. Has never made any physical contact with you. Doe run into your crush in the hallway, as you walk past him, he: Says "hey" and keeps walking.

Does he really love you?

Your BTS boyfriend is Jungkook! Stands at a normal distance and faces you with his arms crossed.

Stands a little too close, faces you with his shoulders square to you, and mirrors your body language. I want kooky but I got RM!

Am i in love? how to know if you love him.

Looks uninterested but acts friendly to be polite. He brushes against your arm, touches his leg to your leg, or rubs your shoulders. You catch him looking at you too but he looks away. Doesn't pay much attention and doesn't realize you're cold. You run Doss your crush when he's out with his guys.

Does he love u quiz

But no matter who I get I still love them. Jimin is my future boyfieeee,Aww. You're hanging out in a group and your crush is there.

Does he love u quiz

Stops to say hi and ask how you're doing. LOL we do have a lot in common.

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When you're hanging out with your crush, he: Finds reasons to touch you. Laughs and smiles at the other girl, as if he only has eyes for her. Everybody is talking just about him.

Does he love u quiz