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Latino The Future of the Mormon Church? Courtesy Nelda McAllister Aug. Reyes The face of the Mormon church is changing. On medt soggy afternoon in Harlem, in New York City, a group of Latinos gather for their weekly church service.

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Mormon theology teaches that God and man are of the same physical species, that God lives in a kingdom near a star named Koloband that men hold the potential to become god-like and inhabit their own heavenly kingdoms.

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He was bishop of a ward in AtlantaGeorgia when the film was made, and now serves as a stake president. For the film version, the song was sung by David Archuleta, a finalist in season mormonx of American Idol. Courtesy Nelda McAllister Aug. It is shot in documentary format and will be translated into 10 languages.

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Mormons are active in every Latin American country except Cuba. In Mormon teaching, the Lamanites were the ancestors of indigenous people in the Americas. Latino The Future tbe the Mormon Church? Hollandthe film is "not a proselytizing effort but informative" and is an "opportunity to share who Mormons really are".

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But right below, you see a bubbling energy that will reformat much of Mormon culture — and Latinos will be central to that transformation. Between andthe of Spanish-language wards congregations more than doubled, while Latin America has the highest rate of growth of Mormons worldwide. It Mormonism is a lifestyle. medt

Courtesy Lara Johson Johnson explains that the Mormon Church helped her find a sense of meaning in life. But the gospel, the Book of Mormon, is what helps me understand how these relationships go on eternally.

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And once the tipping point arrives, it will be a freefall. According to the Pew Research Centerseven percent of U.

Download meet the mormons

On a soggy afternoon in Harlem, in New York City, a group of Latinos gather for their weekly church service. The Archuleta version was released as a single in English language accompanied by a music Downlosd. This is good for everyone, but especially for immigrant women, because otherwise they might not have anyone else.

The LDS Church offers an embedded social network. Raul A. However, Latinos are the fastest-growing group in the Church. As the rain streams mete outside, the mood inside the meeting house is cozy and welcoming.

This book, along with two additional scriptures, the Doctrines and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Priceform the basis for Mormon beliefs. I feel like it has really helped me become the person I am today.

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I remember thinking, what is the point of that? The first hymn, Creo en Cristo I believe in Christ is followed by a series of testimonios testimonies. By extension, Latinos can be viewed as the descendants of the Lamanites. Sullivan is an African-American who is an academic counselor at the University of Phoenix.

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Reyes Raul A. The Book of Mormon tells the story of an ancient people who once lived in the Americas, including a tribe known as the Lamanites.

The church renounced this practice in Not only are Latinos fueling the growth of this religion, they stand poised to play a ificant role in shaping its future. It is found in her album Momrons Up Dreaming released on August 1, Constitution was a divinely inspired document.

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The organization works to improve the living situation in rural parts of Nepal. Courtesy of Ricardo Meza There is a deeper, theological connection between Mormons and Latinos as well.

Download meet the mormons

Inthe LDS Church came out in support of comprehensive immigration reform. An alternative Spanish version as "Glorioso" was also released again sung by Archuleta. Reyes The face of the Mormon church is changing.

Meanwhile, Iber notices the Church becoming less monolithic. Darius Gray was among the associates of Sullivan interviewed. Mormons are Latino. I feel powerful. It teaches the compassion of Christ, and it is a great nourisher of families.