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It could be a knockout round for candidates who fail to attract a broad coalition of voters. Polls say Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.

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Frontrunner i looked after your things

After the crowd offered a few short-lived chants of "We Want Joe! Here are five Fronteunner to watch for as Nevada Democrats vote. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. They have the ability to build a national network of donors and supporters through the power of their office. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.

Elizabeth warren, once a front-runner, drops out of presidential race

Plenty of candidates for the Democratic nomination are running on who they are or what they can do. Aides were fiddling with the Tele-prompter stands on the podium, to ensure the candidate looked just right before the lookedd backdrop of Philadelphia's skyline on a radiantly sunny afternoon. His two terms in the second spot, where he frequently appeared at the president's side or just over his shoulder, has allowed Biden to lay claim to much of Obama's legacy - including passage of lookeed Affordable Care Act, the economic stimulus package and financial industry reform.

Frontrunner i looked after your things

I think Joe Biden is genuinely good. Elizabeth Warren has her stack of policy proposals.

Frontrunner i looked after your things

Then there's Biden's rapidly expanding campaign war chest. It's probably one of the principal reasons Biden's support among black voters is so high, even with candidates like Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker running against him. Both Sanders and Trump, who have similar levels of name recognition, were underwater.

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It could be a knockout round for candidates who fail to attract a broad coalition of voters. More Iowa-style mayhem?

While the attendance Horny men Tsaganelsin far short of the opening campaign rallies of Senators Kamala Harris of California 20, and Bernie Sanders of Vermont 13,it at least temporarily answered the question of whether real people exist who are, in fact, actually enthusiastic about Biden's candidacy.

Biden has shown a willingness to rub elbows with the party's well-heeled contributors and donation-bundlers, which may raise the ire of progressives in the party but will provide plenty of fuel for the machinery of his campaign. Biden also adter history on his side. South Carolina State Senator Dick Harpootlian, former chair of the state's Democratic Party and a long-time Biden supporter, says the key to the former vice-president's appeal is his personal attributes.

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Since then, in defiance of what was conventional wisdom, he's risen in the polls, posted impressive fund-raising s and seemingly shrugged off allegations of inappropriate physical contact with women. Biden also benefits from his eight-year association with Barack Obama, the man who bested him in the Democratic primary contest, then selected him as his vice-presidential running mate.

Personal tragedies have marked Biden's adult life, as he also lost his first wife and daughter in an automobile accident inshortly before he was sworn in as one of Delaware's two US senators.

Frontrunner i looked after your things

Sanders preaches yokr revolution. Why Biden might prevail According to a Quinnipiac poll of voters, Biden is both well-known and well-liked - the strongest candidate in the field by that metric.

Frontrunner i looked after your things

Pete Buttigieg and Booker tout their personal attributes and sunny disposition. High turnout during an early voting period in Nevada indicates that officials in charge are likely to have their hands full on caucus day. During his Philadelphia speech, Biden cited both the stimulus package and Obamacare as reflecting how he would govern thkngs co-operating with Republicans on the former, while going it alone with Democrats in the latter.


Some experts fear problems reminiscent of the mayhem of Iowa's first-in-the-nation Frontrunnner, where a poorly deed app helped cause a breakdown in reporting processes that led to extensive delays and confusion about who won that race. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

The benediction had been delivered, the Pledge of Allegiance recited, and the National Anthem sung. It's been four weeks since Joe Biden announced he was running for president. I love this man. The enthusiasm was obvious, but from a distance it sounded like they were just chanting the president's name. Does the year-old veteran politician from Delaware have the legs to turn his early lead into his party's nomination - and, in 18 months, a presidential victory?

State party officials have expressed confidence in the process, but Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez sought to lower expectations by stopping short of promising on the day of the caucuses.

Bernie sanders on being the democratic front-runner and taking on donald trump - cbs news

US election media captionJoe Biden: Will it be third time lucky in ? Biden has made the early days of his campaign about who he's not - Donald Trump. And what he can prevent - Trump's second four-year term in office.

Frontrunner i looked after your things

There are plenty of potential pitfalls ahead, however, and numerous ways to stumble before the finish line. Polls say Sen. Why Biden is the frontrunner On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Joe Biden "officially" kicked off his presidential lookwd in front of roughly 6, supporters in Philadelphia.

Frontrunner i looked after your things