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About how many guests attended your wedding? How many guests would you invite to your wedding? At what age do most people in your country get married? At what age do you want to get married?

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What do you think about dating a friend's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend?

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Do you think getting married means giving up freedom? The following question may be considered inappropriate in some situations. Where did you go for your honeymoon? Do you know anyone who married someone from a different country?

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If you can think of another good question for this list, please add it. What characteristics do you look for in a girlfriend or boyfriend? How old were you when you went on your first date? Would you live with your parents after you get married?

If you could go back to your past love, and change what went wrong, who would it be? How many guests would you invite to your wedding? What do you think of single mothers?

Love and datings

In your opinion is marriage for life? Do you think religion influences marriage?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Would you marry someone who couldn't speak the same language as you speak?

Do you think if you get married that you will change? What are some disadvantages? Do you think it's OK for a man to have two wives? What kind of clothes do you wear on a date?

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Do you get along with your in-laws? Describe the character of the person you would like to date? Do you know a happily married couple? Do you think it is okay to marry someone with a different religion? If aand husband or wife has an affair what would you do?

Love and datings

How many families can you have in your country? How about for men?

Why or why not? Have you ever been to a school dance?

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What advice would datongs give to someone whose partner hates their best friend? What qualities are important to you in a boyfriend or girlfriend? How about ten years younger than you?

Love and datings

Would you dress up for a first date? Do you think it is more difficult to marry someone from a different country?

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International Marriage Would you marry someone of another nationality? When should you introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents? Do you believe that having a permanent love between two person who are living in two different countries is possible? Do you think that all adults should be married? Do you think it's OK for a wife to have two husbands?

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What is your definition of love? If your parents did datinbs approve of a person you loved and wanted to and, would that be a difficult situation for you? What do you dating are some things that contribute to a successful love Do you know anyone who has had an arranged marriage? Do you think marriages based on love are more successful than arranged marriages?

Have you ever met someone you love a lot but never expressed it? Do you think marriage is necessary? Describe a perfect date.

Love and datings

What was the most boring date you've ever been on?