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Slang for cocaine


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Ten Pack: 10 units of cocaine premixed in syringe. Dealer disposes of syringe. Flap: Cocaine wrapped in paper or tinfoil.

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Possibly cocaine and heroin.

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Speedball: Combination of cocaine and speed amphetamine. Doing the Chicken: Seizures from cocaine, speed, heroin, speedballs. Blow: Common word for cocaine. Freebasing: Cooking drugs and inhaling the fumes. Flame Thrower: Common cigarette injected with heroin for smoking.

Slang for cocaine

Cranking, Fixing, Doing a Hit: Injecting drugs. Occasionally taken in tablet form. Gage - Term used in the s.

Appears to be more addictive than GHB. Cooking: Mixing drug and liquid for injection. T and R: Talwin and Skang crushed and injected intravenously.

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Puzzle Palace: Alberta psychiatric Hospital. Bug pills: Medications for psychiatric illness. Dillies: Dilaudid.

Rocks: Solid form of drug, either before or after cooking. Alone, it causes effects similar to GHB. Dealer disposes of syringe.

Ten Pack: 10 units of cocaije premixed in syringe. Also slang as cocaine acid, cherry meth, date rape drug, easy lay, everclear, fantasy, G, Georgia Home Boy, goop, grievous for harm, jib, liquid ecstasy, liquid G, liquid X, organic Quaalude, salty war, salty water, scoop, sleepsoap, vita G, zonked GHL - Gamma Butyrolactone, a key ingredient in GHB. Flap: Cocaine wrapped in paper or tinfoil. Also known as papers.

Provides a heroin-like high of approximately two hours duration. V-Tens: Valium milligram tablets.

Peelers: Morphine tablets with an enteric coating that is peeled off prior to oral consumption. Speed: Methamphetamine capsules mixed with water for injection. Coco-puff: Cocaine rolled into a cigarette.

Slang for cocaine

Cocaine dissolved in water will precipitate tor crystals; it is then smoked in a pipe or mixed with tobacco. Meth: Crystal methamphetamine, a concentrated form of speed.

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Gimmie - Crack and marijuana; marijuana t laced with crack Glass - Methamphetamine. Rigs, Points: Needles. Can also be injected.