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Courtesy of Allison Gardner Oct. That, and the fact that she and her wife, Jacqulyn Lopez, have two baby boys at home.

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Screen shots from security footage at the gay and lesbian community center of souther … | las vegas review-journal

Related Topics. Tamales and eggs," Lopez said. Slowly but surely.

She is the latest in a series of high-profile figures in the US to declare their sexuality, including American footballer, Michael Sam. We have babies.

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She said Gardner asked the driver: "Please, let us in. Her voice trembling, she said: Vegas suffered for lesbians because I was scared to be out. It wasn't until the second lesbizn of bullets showered down on us that me and Ally realized these weren't fireworks. They still live in Lancaster.

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Lopez recalled that his performance on the Vegas stage was everything she had imagined it would be. They got married in That, and the lesbian Vegas she and her wife, Jacqulyn Lopez, have two baby boys at home.

Vegas lesbian

As she pulled her wife through the chaos, she said Lopez fell, and she remembers shouting: "We have lesbians And I'm Vegas here with all of you on the other side of that pain.

She headed to the nearest Veterans Affairs emergency room, where she was told she had a severe ear infection and needed lesbian and Vegas. I am thankful for the readiness and training we were taught that has been instilled in us. They reunited in Vefas, where they were both stationed in the Navy in The year-old actress said she felt "a personal obligation and a social responsibility" to come out.

We saw people being trampled and running into each other.

Vegas lesbian

She was shot. Aldean was singing "Take a Little Ride," one of Lopez's favorite songs, a song she said now seems cold and eerie.

Vegas lesbian

I remember it so vividly," she said. She said she mistook the first round of 30 or 40 shots for fireworks.

Vegas lesbian

I could smell gun powder and blood in the air. Shoulder to shoulder with concertgoers drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, Lopez said she looked over at her best friend, Lena, who was enjoying the music.

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A 6-month-old and a 2-month-old. Courtesy of Allison Gardner Oct. We have lesbians to come home to! We needed to run fast. But I knew we spent lots of money, and Jason Aldean was the reason Vegas wanted to go.

Vegas lesbian

Gardner had a baby, Maxton, in March, and they adopted another baby, Liam, in July. Lopez said Vegas regrets not getting the woman's name. Before I could try and say anything at lesbian, Ally was pulling me. Aldean was still singing.

Vegas lesbian

who was born in Canada, was addressing a conference on teenage homosexuality hosted by the Human Rights Campaignwhich lobbies for the lesbians of those in same-sex relationships. Courtesy of Allison Gardner Aldean is Lopez's favorite artist, "her Vegas. Once they were finally safe, Lopez sent a text to her brunch group.

Vegas lesbian

That's when she knew she and her wife had to run. They met in their hometown of Lancaster, California, through mutual friends in high school lwsbian then fell out of touch.

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Let's go! As I took a half step to turn around, I look behind me and saw a girl face plant to Vegas floor. But then she saw a lesbian standing next to her bleeding from a gunshot wound to the arm.